Lt Joseph Petrosino Association in America | Lt Detective Joseph Petrosino Association in America
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“Mission Statement”

Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino, a NYC Police Officer, who served in the early 1900’s and created the Bomb Squad, the Canine Squad and the Undercover Squad that is still being used in today’s police work. The Foundation was founded to Honor his Memory.


The Petrosino Foundation Mission and Purpose is to perpetuate the Italian Language, Heritage and Culture through a number of programs:


  • The Petrosino Foundation has formed a committee that will be in charge of selecting those schools that teach the Italian language and provide scholarships to students that successfully complete the committee’s curriculum.


  • Work with Educational institutions in Italy to provide a student exchange between Italy and America. The Foundation plans to render both financially and volunteer support for those Italian Organizations who battle Italian anti-defamation as well as those who work to support our Italian fallen Heroes.


  • The Petrosino Foundation also will support those organizations recommended by the NYC Police Department such as the PBA Widows and Orphans Fund, the Wounded Warriors Fund.


  • In addition to the aforementioned charities the Foundation plans to support those Italian American organizations that are a 501(c)3 such as Cooley’s Anemia Fund to help find a cure for this Mediterranean Blood Disease that affects the Italian American Community.

Giuseppe Petrosino was born in Padula, Italy,
a village in southern Italy


Petrosino joined the NYPD.  He was promoted to Detective Sergeant by Teddy Roosevelt in 1895


Petrosino married his wife Adelina Saulino and had a baby daughter in 1908.

“Notable Cases”

Everyone Should Know

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